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Malaga airport pioneer in implanting an electronic flight progression chart

Malaga-Costa del Sol airport became the pioneer in air navigation systems in Spain, and has now become the first to implant an electronic flight progression chart in its control tower, which meant a total investment of 750,000 euros and will replace the ‘paper cards’.

This new system had been implanted on the past 12th of July, however, it was actually inaugurated last Friday by the southern region’s manager and by Aena’s manager.

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Malaga airport reaches up to 120 direct connections this summer and joins the rest of the big airports in Europe

AENAAena pointed out that there will be 21.000 flights in July and August, an average of 340 per day, with a capacity for 3.5 million travellers – There are new connections to Leipzig, Nice or Turku

The Malaga-Costa del Sol airport has once again surpassed the amount of over a hundred direct connections this summer, consolidating as one of the big airports in Europe. From Malaga it’s possible to fly to three continents and the incursion of low-cost airlines like Ryanair has opened up a wide range of new and curious destinations in different places, mainly in Europe.

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The civil work of the second runway at Malaga Airport-Costa del Sol is near completion

The civil work of the second runway at Malaga Airport, Costa del Sol is near completion. Once the civil works are concluded, its operation will have to wait, as they must perform calibration work, signage and security, in addition to passing the required test period. Thus, as reported a few months ago by Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (Aena), the second runway would become operational in early 2012.

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Malaga airport changes flight routes to save fuel

Malaga airport has started today to operate under new parameters, with the aim of aircrafts saving fuel. Among the measures taken are outstanding the opening of two new airways that will improve departure and arrival times for traffic in Malaga airport and the airports of Seville and Jerez, according to data provided by Aena (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation).

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Malaga Airport experienced during the first quarter an increase in passengers of nearly 8%

Malaga airport has seen a passenger growth of 7.9% in the first quarter of 2011, compared with the same period last year. These are very positive news, considering that last year the Easter holidays took place in March. Tourism in Malaga also expects very good hotel occupancy for Easter this year. However, among international tourists, […]

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