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Low cost flights to Malaga – are Ryanair the airline everyone loves to hate?

Low cost carrier Ryanair were recently voted Europe’s least popular short-haul airline by the readers of consumer publication ‘Which?’, despite recently taking measures by the firm to improve customer service and the overall public image of the company. Ryanair operates nearly 40 routes from Malaga airport, and is often credited with revolutionizing the travel industry […]

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Volotea start selling their first flights of the 2013 summer season

Volotea airlineThis low cost airline offers routes between Malaga airport and 16 national destinations

Volotea, the low cost airline, as from this Monday have started selling the first series of flights of their 2013 summer season with seven routes available that will be departing from where the company has its base, at Nantes airport, and include connections to Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Valencia.

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Volotea, the low cost airline, will be connecting Malaga and Bordeaux

The low cost airline company Volotea will be adding a new connection from Malaga. The airline will be offering flights from Malaga to Bordeaux, a route that will be added to the existing operation from Malaga airport to Venice. These destinations do not have direct flights from Malaga. Volotea will begin their operations to Bordeaux […]

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Volotea Airlines will be connecting Malaga and Venice as from the 5th of April

The new low-cost airline company, Volotea Airlines will be connecting the cities of Malaga and Venice with three flights a week as from the following 5th of April, becoming the first one to operate this route.

Volotea, founded by Carlos Muñoz and Lazaro Ros, also promoters of Vueling Airlines, begin their activity at the Venice-Marco Polo Airport, operating a total of 14 routes, that include another three Spanish destinations as well as Malaga airport, Alicante, Bilbao and Santiago de Compostela.

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Easyjet try out the seat assignments on their flights

Easyjet has announced the start of the trials for the assignment of seats on selected routes during the Spring of 2012, according to the company, who also announced the signing of a new agreement with Amadeus. Currently, Easyjet operate with a system in which the passengers choose their seats when boarding, without previous booking, only giving first choice to those who have previously purchased the ‘Speedy Boarding’ service.

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