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The civil work of the second runway at Malaga Airport-Costa del Sol is near completion

The civil work of the second runway at Malaga Airport, Costa del Sol is near completion. Once the civil works are concluded, its operation will have to wait, as they must perform calibration work, signage and security, in addition to passing the required test period. Thus, as reported a few months ago by Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (Aena), the second runway would become operational in early 2012.

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Malaga airport changes its name

As reported yesterday in the official bulletin of the state, Malaga airport will change its name to ‘Malaga airport – Costa del Sol ‘. Thus the Ministry of Public Works has responded to the request of the association of hoteliers on the Costa del Sol, who wanted to link the brand name “Costa del Sol” to Malaga airport, which is the main gateway to Andalucia and the popular resorts of the Costa del Sol.

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La Moraga: Michelin Star Gastrobar at Malaga airport T3

In the modern and spectacular T3 at Malaga Airport travelers can enjoy a quality offer rather than prefabricated snacks and drinks in plastic cups, as this airport is one of the few that have a high quality culinary offer.

The wine list is short but well-made; prices are reasonably moderate and a staff more motivated than usual, are other attractions for lunch or dinner at Malaga airport.

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