Winter Sun on the Costa Del Sol

costas_in_winterSouthern Spain and the Costa del Sol are traditionally known as summer holiday destinations offering abundant sunshine and beautiful beaches. However with more and more airlines increasing their winter flights to Malaga, there’s never been a better time to explore the region as a winter sun destination.
Arguably one of the main attractions for summer visitors to Malaga is the beautiful weather – and… … Read more

Malaga airport low cost flights

Cheaper ticket price has been a “change of scenery” in aviation, has helped address the crisis and has changed the profile of the traveller, who has rejuvenated in the case of Malaga Airport-Costa del Sol, Andalusia’s busiest airport. In an interview the director of the airport, Salvador Merino, said that low cost flights to Malaga have helped more people to fly, thus he believes that these companies should… … Read more

Malaga and the Costa del Sol leading the search for flights this summer

Germany and Great Britain occupy the first and second position among the countries that conducted more searches for travel to Malaga and Costa del Sol this summer.

The study, which is based on the comparison of web searches of Kayak in Germany, UK, Spain, France and Italy between June and July 2011, reveals that Germany with 37.7% and the UK with 22.7 % hold the leadership with the highest number of tourists from these countries. … Read more

Heading to Malaga – Costa del Sol opens high season

Tourists coming to the Costa del Sol vacation, opt for the coast as an ideal destination to relax or have fun.

The high season has begun and with it thousands of tourists start coming to Malaga. Many landed during the weekend at Malaga airport with their families; others were accompanied by their friends. Of these, some are looking forward some rest after a hard year’s work… … Read more

Malaga & Costa del Sol, a unique holiday destination

At this point no one is oblivious to attractiveness of the Costa del Sol, a destination that has become over the years a great place to go to for vacation: A balcony overlooking the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean and where the mild climate and the hospitality of its people will make our trip an unforgettable experience.

The Costa del Sol has more than 150 kilometers of coastline in… … Read more