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Malaga airport

Malaga airport is the 4th busiest airport in Spain, in fact, it is used by more than 12 million passengers every year. There are plenty of things to do and see there, so do not miss the following guide:


Here you can read some general information, including stuff like identification codes, history, surface area and operating hours. On the other hand, we also manage a blog containing the latest news as well as related information.

In March 2010 was inaugurated the Terminal T3. This impressive postmodern structure boasts a 225 metres glass façade and high ceilings which facilitate the entry of natural light. The Terminal 3 is located next to the old T2, and is connected to it by a direct access. This installation covers a surface of more than 250.000 m² and combines both departures and arrivals areas on different levels.

Malaga airport photo


Don't get lost on the way to the airport. Visit the location page to find how to get to and from (including photos and a useful map):

Address: Avenida Garcia Morato s/n 29004, Malaga, Spain.

Website: www.aena.es

Malaga airport Map

You can also use our Malaga airport map to see the airport crossroads location and how to get by car to your holiday destination.

Car hire

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Nearest hotels

There are no housing options inside the main building, however there are many hotels and apartments in Malaga and Costa del Sol, in places very close to Malaga airport, including Malaga Centre and Torremolinos.


Route planner from Malaga airport

Have you rented a car with us and need to know the route by road to get back or to get to your destination from the airport? We can help you.

Now we also provide a route planner to calculate driving directions between the airport and your holidays destination.

Route planner

Shops and restaurants

You will probably need a good restaurant or some shops to buy magazines, souvenirs and other goods. Here we provide a list of shops and restaurants inside the main building.

Operating airlines

We would like to help you with your flight to Malaga, so let us recommend you a list of airlines operating at Malaga airport. On this page you will find useful information about the top 50 airlines, including phone numbers, websites and company codes. You can also visit our baggage restriction guide for each airline.

EasyJet and Ryanair airlines


In order to give you useful information, we also provide a page about Malaga airport arrivals that includes a description of the terminal as well as the information phone number, a complete map and instructions how to check arrivals online. Below you can find a list of flights to Malaga from main airports in the UK.


You can also find here a nice Malaga airport departures guide, including a map of the terminal, the information phone number and instructions how to check departures online. Below you can find a list of flights from Malaga to the most important airports in the UK and Ireland.

Departures from the airport

General aviation terminal

If you are looking for information about the general aviation terminal, we provide a page that includes a map of the terminal and some photos.

Cargo terminal

Take a look at our cargo terminal page to find general information about the terminal like surface area, number of docking bays, photos and other details.


You can get a bus from Malaga airport to the city centre or Marbella and many other destinations. There is also a free bus between the terminals (if you would like to see a photo of the courtesy bus visit our bus page).


Parking options

If you are interested in parking at the airport check our page. We offer low prices for short- term and long- term parking with full insurance (indoor parking). You can also pay for other extra services like car wash.


Are you interested in booking a transfer from the airport? Getting a Malaga airport transfer is advisable when you want a comfortable means of transport to any destination in Costa del Sol, like Nerja, Calahonda, Marbella, Puerto Banus, Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Torremolinos or Mijas.


If you prefer to get a Malaga airport taxi instead of hiring a car, you can visit our taxi section, where you can compare prices and make your transfer reservation.


Optionally you can consider getting a train from Malaga airport. There are two lines, one of them goes to Malaga city, and the other one goes to Fuengirola. The new suburban train station is situated opposite the new terminal T3.

commuter train

Telephone numbers

You can get further information calling telephone numbers. Our site provides a list of the main phone numbers. Remember that if you are calling outside of Spain, you must dial the +34 prefix.

airport phone numbers

Alternative road access

Below a picture taken from the car of the alternative access from the north.

New access to the airport

Malaga airport news

Here you can find the lastest posts published in our blog:

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