When to visit Malaga in Spain?

Wondering what is the best month for visiting Malaga on the southern coast of Spain?  Continue reading and choose the right month for your holiday plans.

If you are planning visiting Malaga outside summer season you will find some good deals.

We at Malagaairportcarhire.com encourage you to visit Malaga during the winter or spring season, you can enjoy events like the Carnival of Malaga in February or Easter. The good weather and mild temperature of those months make them perfect also to visit the interior white villages and enjoy some delicious typical food.

Spring weekend getaway

February, March, April and May

Malaga and Andalucia benefit from excellent weather during the winter and spring months; it is a recommended destination for Europeans who want to enjoy their holiday not only during the summer but the whole year; a featured weekend getaway  for anyone in Europe.

If you are planning visiting Malaga outside summer season you will find some good deals.

Main activities

During the spring season there are numerous activities that may be of interest to you. Let’s take a look at some of the main events that take place during these months:

Recommended events in February

February is a month to enjoy in Malaga, let’s see what are the most popular events taking place during this month:

Enjoy a weekend getaway to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Malaga. Surprise your partner with a romantic dinner in one of the restaurants by the beach; take advantage of the opportunity to visit monuments or enjoy lunch in one of the picturesque white villages of Malaga, it is the ideal time to do it.

Carnival in Malaga is celebrated in a special way. Enjoy parades through the main streets of the municipalities; people in costume, dancing and lots of fun. You can’t miss it.

The 28th of February is the Day of Andalusia. This day commemorates the independence of this autonomous community with celebrations in many municipalities of Malaga.

Recommended events in March, April and May

If you are thinking in visiting Malaga in Mach, April or May there are 2 popular events you should not miss:

Easter Week is an event of marked importance on the calendar. The streets are filled with partying and the smell of incense. There are parades throughout the afternoon extending until late at night.

During the May Crosses event on 1st of May the municipalities wear their best galas. Villages are carefully decorated with activities and parades.

Summer season

June,July, August and September

Visiting Malaga in summer
Choosing visiting Malaga in summer is a safe decision.

Those are the popular months. If you are looking for visiting Malaga in June, July, August and September it is better to book well in advance your flight, rental car and accommodation.

While June and July are hot months, its not yet as hot as August. We recommend to bring some long sleeved clothes for the night if you plan to walk along the promenade or going out until late.

Photo of Puerto Banus in summer season, Malaga
Puerto Banus is a top destination during all the year, but it shines during the summer months.

Summer is the featured season of the Costa del Sol and the month when Malaga airport receives most of the flights.

Recommended events in June, July and august in Malaga

Midsummer’s Eve or St. John’s bonfires night on June 23rd is a recommended event if you are visiting Malaga in June. There are hundreds of bonfires on the beaches, live concerts and many activities to enjoy. It is the main party to welcome the summer and people even bath in the sea after midnight.

Virgen del Carmen on July 16 is a procession celebrated in honor of the saint  of fishermen. The religious figure is adorned with flowers and carried into the sea in a boat. This event takes place at all Costa del Sol municipalities.

Malaga fair attractions

Malaga fair is celebrated during the second half of August. This traditional fair has to main areas, the city centre for the day fair and the fairgrounds fo the night fair.

Winter season

October, November, December and January

Worth to come in winter season? Yes, we think it is…weather still excellent during those months. By the end of December or mid January the weather gets a little bit cooler for the residents; not a big deal for a north-European.

You will be able to still see people at the beach or pool during the winter season. Water temperature might be cold but the sun still there and tourist use to like taking bath of sun.

Ronda in Malaga in Autumn
Visiting Ronda out of high season is an excellent experience we recommend.

Do not let anyone to tell you, come and discover by yourself why Malaga is a featured holiday destination.

Recommended events in september, october and november

There are too many events in the towns of Malaga during these dates so I will focus on the most representative and close to the capital. If you come any of these months you will not only spend less money because you are out of season but you will enjoy a mild temperature and good weather.

Lady of Victory on September 8 is the religious celebration of the patron saint of Malaga. There will be a procession, music and dancing.

Columbus day in October 12 is a national holiday with many events and activities. Past years they organized events at the Huelin Park from 12 am.

Halloween in Malaga is a very popular celebration. There are special contests, events and activities for all the family. Youngsters can enjoy celebrating Halloween at night with friends.

By the end of November Malaga turns on the Christmas lights, a spectacle you should not miss. It is one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Recommended events in december and january

Christmas is always a special festivity in our city. Stroll the colourful decorated streets or shopping at any of the many christmas markets. After a full christmas day you can enjoy ice skating at the city centre.

Holy Innocents on December 28th: The holy innocents is similar to the April Fool’s Day.

Verdiales Fair also on December 28, with typical music and dancing from Malaga.