Discover Estepona: 3 places less than 60 minutes by car

Do you have your own vehicle or have you chosen to rent a car in Malaga with us while you are staying in Estepona? In that case, a range of possibilities opens up for you to make your holiday an unforgettable experience. In this article, we will guide you through places you can explore, all less than 30 minutes by car.

Driving from Malaga airport to Estepona for the first time is an experience that arouses curiosity and anticipation. The winding roads that snake along the coast offer panoramic views of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, creating an impressive backdrop for the journey.

Once in Estepona, the freedom of having a car at your disposal becomes an invaluable resource. The possibilities expand, not only to explore local charms, but also to venture further afield. Why not take advantage of this mobility and discover three captivating destinations less than 30 minutes from Estepona?

How to get to Estepona

Start your journey by picking up your vehicle or rental car, if that is your choice, at Malaga airport. From this starting point, you will embark on a journey that will immerse you in the beauty of the Andalusian landscape.

Step 1: The Coastal Road and its Stunning Views

Upon leaving the airport, connect with the A-7 towards Estepona. This stretch of the coastal road offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea to your right, creating a backdrop that anticipates the serenity that awaits you.

Step 2: Winding Roads and Coastal Charm

Driving along the winding roads that snake along the coast, you will experience the authentic Andalusian atmosphere. Enjoy the sea breeze and panoramic views as you delve into Estepona, a gem on the Malaga coast.

Step 3: Arrival in Estepona, Your Awaited Destination

After approximately 50 minutes, you will arrive in Estepona, where golden beaches and historical charm will welcome you. Park your vehicle and prepare to immerse yourself in all that this destination has to offer.

You can find more details about the route and other transport options from the Malaga airport to Estepona on our website.

3 places less than 60 minutes by car from Estepona

Renting a car in Malaga to explore Estepona is a fantastic idea! Once behind the wheel, you can immerse yourself in exciting excursions around the region. Fancy exploring the natural beauty of the Costa del Sol? Drive towards the stunning surrounding mountains and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views. Plus, with the flexibility of your own car, you can venture to nearby towns, discovering hidden gems and immersing yourself in authentic Andalusian culture.

Remember that the freedom of having a car allows you to design your own experience, choosing destinations tailored to your preferences.

To Casares by car

This charming village has been honoured with the distinction of Village of Historical and Artistic Importance. According to tradition, its origins date back to Roman times. It’s believed that Julius Caesar ordered its construction. This was a token of gratitude after being cured in the Baths of La Hedionda.


Driving from Estepona to Casares is a fascinating experience that will immerse you in beautiful landscapes and cultural points of interest.

Route details

To Casares from Estepona

  • Distance and Duration: The distance between Estepona and Casares is approximately 24.5 kilometres, and the travel time is around 28 minutes, depending on traffic.
  • Available car routes: You have two main options to get to Casares from Estepona. One is via the E-15, known as the Route of the White Villages, and the other is via the A-7 and the MA-8300.
  • Points of Interest on the Route: During your journey on the Route of the White Villages, you can enjoy the majestic Sierra Bermeja, the impressive Mirador de Peñas Blancas and the picturesque hiking area El Jaral. If you opt for the other route, you will pass by Manilva and near the “Charco del Infierno”, a hiking route that can sometimes have water and that will take you to abandoned mills, the Baths of La Hedionda and an ancient Roman bridge.
  • Tourist Attractions in Casares: Among its emblematic places are the ruins of the castle and the Baths of La Hedionda, as well as the Roman Bridge. These outstanding sites reveal the rich history and fascinating heritage of Casares. In addition, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the delicious local cuisine in the area’s restaurants, to stroll through its streets and its fantastic hiking routes.
To Casares from Manilva
Alternative route to Casares passing through Manilva

To Genalguacil by car

This charming village in Malaga stands out for its unique urban design, inherited from its Arab founders. Nestled on steep terrain, it presents itself as a white jewel against the green horizon of chestnut, oak and cork trees.


Although clearly of Arab origin, Genalguacil reveals archaeological vestiges that date back even to Prehistory. Its name has Arab roots, being Gema-Al Wacir its meaning: “the gardens of the vizier”.

Among the places of interest, the parish church of San Pedro de Verona, with its distinctive octagonal tower, stands out.

Route details

To Genalguacil from Estepona

Driving from Estepona to Genalguacil is a charming experience that will immerse you in the beautiful region of Andalusia. Here is a detailed description:

  • Distance and duration: The distance is approximately 32.8 kilometres and can be covered in about 59 minutes. However, there is a longer alternative route, known as the Route of the White Villages, via the A-377 road.
  • Route: The shortest route is via the MA-8301 road, also known as the General Road of Genalguacil.
  • Landscape: During the journey, you will witness an impressive landscape. It is characterized by majestic mountains and forests of chestnut, oak and cork trees. The road winds through these natural areas, offering you panoramic views along the journey. Along the way you will cross the Natural Site Reales de Sierra Bermeja, the hiking area of the Charco Encantado (Map) and an old Brea oven (Map)
  • Tourist Attractions: In Genalguacil, you will find various tourist attractions to explore. Highlights include the Fernando Centeno Contemporary Art Museum and several hiking routes. Don’t miss the opportunity to delight in the rich local cuisine.
  • Accommodation: As for accommodation, you have several options in Genalguacil, among which is the Posada del Recovero.

To Jubrique by car

This picturesque municipality, nestled in the Genal Valley, invites you to immerse yourself in its mountainous charm and explore its rich history. With a strategic location at 559 meters above sea level and 38 km from the regional capital, Ronda, Jubrique offers a quiet and authentic getaway, away from the tourist hustle and bustle.


Jubrique stands out for its impressive natural setting, where mountains embrace the landscape and forests of chestnut, oak, cork and pine trees paint a visually striking picture. This environment provides the perfect backdrop for nature lovers.

Route details

To Jubrique from Estepona

  • Distance and duration: Driving from Estepona to Jubrique is a journey of approximately 33.7 km that will take you around 51 minutes.
  • Route: The most direct route is via the MA-8301, also known as the General Road of Genalguacil.
  • Landscape: Throughout the journey, you will marvel at the natural beauty of Andalusia. The road winds through mountainous landscapes and forests of chestnut, oak, cork and pine trees.
  • Tourist attractions: This charming village is known for its urban area that adapts to the mountainous elevation, creating a unique architectural play characteristic of the villages of the Serranía de Ronda. In addition, Jubrique offers several hiking and cycling routes in the area.
  • Accommodation: In terms of accommodation, you have several options in Jubrique, such as the Posada Mirador de Jubrique, the Apartamentos Rurales Mirador de Jubrique and the Finca El Molino De Aceite.

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