Malaga airport reaches up to 120 direct connections this summer and joins the rest of the big airports in Europe

AENAAena pointed out that there will be 21.000 flights in July and August, an average of 340 per day, with a capacity for 3.5 million travellers – There are new connections to Leipzig, Nice or Turku

The Malaga-Costa del Sol airport has once again surpassed the amount of over a hundred direct connections this summer, consolidating as one of the big airports in Europe. From Malaga it’s possible to fly to three continents and the incursion of low-cost airlines like Ryanair has opened up a wide range of new and curious destinations in different places, mainly in Europe. … Read more

Malaga airport’s second runway will be open in June, but will only be used when the first one gets overloaded

The certification of the second runway at Malaga airport means the end of one of the big infrastructural investments in the province and opens the door to double the passengers. Last year, it registered almost 13 million travellers, and from now onwards it’s prepared to receive 70 airplanes per hour, almost double than now. “Malaga airport’s second runway will be open in June, but will only be used on demand, when necessary”, said the actual Malaga airport’s manager. … Read more

Four out of ten Malaga airport passengers in October are British

On the same day that the World Travel Market (WTM) in London closed its gates, Malaga-Costa del Sol airport revealed the monthly statistics of its visiting passengers, in which it clearly shows the importance of British tourism in Malaga. Almost four out of ten passengers that passed through Malaga’s terminal last month, over 1.2 million, were from the UK, more than 36% to be precise. … Read more

Malaga Airport has recovered statistics from 2008

The Malaga – Costa del Sol airport recovers the rhythm of 2008, before the economic crisis hit the tourism sector. It’s the first time, since then, that this terminal surpasses 10 million passengers in the first nine months of the year. Yet statistics show that, currently, there is an upward tendency and in 2008 it registered a negative sign of almost four points. The economic recession has already marked a downward curve so far this year. These figures were presented yesterday by AENA (Airports and Air Navigation Network), who informed that over 1.3 million passengers passed through the airport last September, and registered a 5.3% increase in tourists and a 0.6% increase of flights. … Read more

Malaga and the Costa del Sol leading the search for flights this summer

Germany and Great Britain occupy the first and second position among the countries that conducted more searches for travel to Malaga and Costa del Sol this summer.

The study, which is based on the comparison of web searches of Kayak in Germany, UK, Spain, France and Italy between June and July 2011, reveals that Germany with 37.7% and the UK with 22.7 % hold the leadership with the highest number of tourists from these countries. … Read more

More than 285,000 travelers pass through Malaga airport during this weekend

A total of 287,101 passengers are expected to pass through Malaga airport in 1.735 flights scheduled from today until next Monday, July 4, the official start of the holiday season on the Costa del Sol.

The busiest day is expected to be on Saturday, with 381 planned operations and 63,862 users, followed by Sunday, when are expected to pass through the airport 63,061 travelers in a… … Read more