The best routes by car from Malaga through Andalusia

These are some of the best routes by car from Malaga to discover Andalusia. Malaga is a city that has it all: sun, beach, culture, gastronomy and fun. But it is also the perfect starting point to explore Andalusia, a region full of charm, history and beauty. If you want to make the most of your trip to Malaga and discover the most fascinating corners of Andalusia, we recommend driving your own vehicle.

In this article we are going to suggest some of the best routes by car from Malaga.  Get ready with your car for visitin other cities and emblematic places in Andalusia. We will give you practical advice on Malaga airport car hire. We will also inform you about journey times, tolls and provide a link on each route to the journey map. And of course, we will tell you what to see and do in each destination you visit.

Are you ready to live an unforgettable experience? Then read on and find some of the best routes by car from Malaga to discover Andalusia.

Discover Andalusia by car from Malaga

Andalusia is a region with a great diversity of landscapes, cultures and histories. From Malaga you can easily access some of its most emblematic cities and places, either by motorway or by secondary roads. If you rent a car at Malaga airport (you can read more about how to do it here), you can enjoy these routes at your own pace and without depending on timetables or public transport.

These are some of the best routes by car from Malaga to discover Andalusia:

Popular routes among our clients

  • Malaga – Granada: a route that will take you to the city of the Alhambra. This is one of the most impressive monuments of the Arab world and a World Heritage Site. You can also visit the Albaicín neighbourhood, the cathedral, the Science Park and the Alpujarra.
  • Malaga – Seville: a route that will allow you to get to know the Andalusian capital. Sevilla is famous for its Giralda, its Alcazar, its Plaza de España or its Santa Cruz neighbourhood. You can also enjoy its festive atmosphere, its gastronomy and its flamenco art.
  • Malaga – Cordoba: a route that will take you to the city of the Umayyad Caliphate, where the Mosque-Cathedral. Cordoba is one of the most unique and beautiful buildings in the world, stands out. You can also stroll through the Jewish quarter, the Roman bridge and the courtyards of Cordoba.
  • Malaga – Ronda: a route that will show you one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages in Andalusia. Malaga is located on an impressive gorge that divides it into two parts. You can also admire its new bridge, its bullring and its Arab baths.
  • Malaga – Doñana National Park: a route that will take you to one of the most important and protected natural spaces in Europe.  This National Park is home to unique species such as the Iberian lynx and the imperial eagle. You will also be able to see flamingos, deer and wild boar.
  • Malaga – Cabo de Gata: a route that will reveal one of the most spectacular and unique landscapes of the Mediterranean. This area is formed by ancient volcanoes and cliffs. You will be able to enjoy its unspoilt beaches, its white villages and its rich marine and terrestrial fauna.

In the following sections we will give you more details about each of these routes. In addition, we will gradually expand each of the sections with new blog entries, so that you do not miss any detail in your car routes from Malaga.

Malaga – Granada

Alhambra in Granada

Granada is one of the most fascinating and beautiful cities in Andalusia, with a rich history and culture that is reflected in its architecture and atmosphere. Its main attraction is the Alhambra, the palace and fortress complex that was the seat of the Nasrid kings and is today one of the most visited monuments in the world. But Granada has much more to offer: the Albaicín neighbourhood, with its whitewashed houses and viewpoints; the cathedral, where the remains of the Catholic Monarchs lie; the Science Park, an interactive museum for the whole family; or the Alpujarra, a rural area with charming villages and spectacular landscapes.

The distance between Malaga and Granada is about 130 km on the A-92 and takes about an hour and a half by car. If you want to avoid tolls, you can opt for the A-45 and the A-92M, although the journey will take a little longer.

Road route here:

Malaga – Sevilla

Seville is the Andalusian capital and a city full of life, art and joy. Its historic quarter is home to some of the most emblematic monuments in Spain, such as the Giralda, the bell tower of the largest Gothic cathedral in the world; the Alcázar, a royal palace with Moorish influences; and the Plaza de España, a masterpiece of regionalism. But Seville is also famous for its gastronomy, based on tapas and local products; its flamenco art, which can be enjoyed in numerous tablaos or peñas; or its festive atmosphere, especially during Holy Week or the April Fair.

The distance between Malaga and Seville is about 210 km via the AP-4 (toll road) or the A-92 (free) and takes about two and a half hours by car.

Road route here:

Malaga – Cordoba

Cordoba Mosque

Cordoba was one of the most important cities in the world during the Umayyad Caliphate (10th-11th centuries), when it reached great cultural, scientific and artistic splendour. Its legacy can still be seen today in its Mosque-Cathedral. This monument is one of the most unique and impressive buildings in the Islamic world. But Cordoba also has other attractions: its medieval Jewish quarter with its labyrinthine streets; its Roman bridge over the Guadalquivir River; its flower-filled courtyards; and its museums dedicated to flamenco and contemporary art.

The distance between Malaga and Cordoba is about 160 km on the A-45 (free) or the AP-46 (toll) and takes about two hours by car.

Road route here:

Malaga – Ronda

Ronda Gorge

Ronda is one of the most beautiful and impressive villages in Andalusia. It is on a deep gorge that divides the city into two parts: the old and the new town. Its most characteristic symbol is the new bridge, an 18th-century engineering feat that spans the 100-metre abyss. But Ronda also has other attractions: its bullring, one of the oldest and most monumental in Spain; its Arab baths, the best preserved in Andalusia; its Mondragón palace, which houses the municipal museum; and its viewpoints with panoramic views of the mountain landscape.

The distance between Malaga and Ronda is about 100 km on the A-367 and takes about an hour and a quarter by car.

Road route from Malaga to Ronda.

Malaga – Parque Nacional de Doñana

Doñana National Park is one of the most important and protected natural spaces in Europe, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is a unique ecosystem made up of marshes, dunes, forests and beaches that is home to a great biodiversity. Among its most outstanding species are the Iberian lynx and the Iberian imperial eagle, both in danger of extinction. You can also see flamingos, deer, wild boar and grey herons. To visit the park you can hire a guided 4×4 tour or go hiking in some of the designated areas.

The distance between Malaga and the Doñana National Park is about 300 km via the A-92 and the A-49 and takes about three and a half hours by car.

Road route here:

Malaga – Cabo de Gata

Cabo de Gata is the most south-eastern point of the Iberian Peninsula and forms part of the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, one of the most beautiful and unique protected areas in the Mediterranean. Its landscape combines volcanic cliffs, unspoilt beaches, salt marshes, reefs and dunes. Among its attractions are the lighthouse of Cabo de Gata, which offers impressive views; the reef of the mermaids, a group of rocks eroded by the sea; the beach of the dead, a cove with crystal clear waters; or the village of San José, an old fishing port with a lot of charm.

The distance between Malaga and Cabo de Gata is about 250 km on the A-7 and takes about three hours by car.

Road route from Malaga to Cabo de Gata.

Tips to make the most of your trip by car from Malaga

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Andalusia is a region full of charm, history and diversity that will surprise you in every corner. Travelling by car is one of the best ways to explore it at your own pace and adapt to your preferences. However, there are some aspects you should bear in mind to make your experience as satisfactory as possible:

  • Plan your route in advance and book your accommodation well in advance. Andalusia has a wide range of tourist attractions and there can be high demand at certain times of the year.
  • Choose a car suited to your needs and the type of road you will be driving on. Driving along the coast is not the same as driving through the mountains or the desert. To guarantee your safety and comfort, we recommend that you rent a car with us. Our cars are in perfect condition, with low mileage and roadside assistance included. This way you won’t have to worry about insurance, documentation or any unforeseen event that may arise.
  • Respect traffic regulations and signposting. Andalusia has a very wide and varied road network, from dual carriageways to secondary roads and forest tracks. Be careful with speed limits, overtaking, junctions and roundabouts.
  • Enjoy the scenery and make frequent stops to rest, eat or visit interesting places. Andalusia has a lot to offer: monumental cities, charming villages, natural parks, paradisiacal beaches… Don’t miss anything and make the most of every moment.

We hope you find these tips useful and that you enjoy your driving tours from Malaga to Andalusia to the fullest. Do you have a favourite route that you would like to share?

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