Airport games to play to beat boredom

If you’re unlucky enough to be stuck in the airport with time to kill. What can you do to keep yourself (and younger passengers) entertained while you wait to board?  Play airport games of course!

Airports are exciting, interesting and bustling with activity, but that doesn’t stop young travellers becoming fractious if you’re waiting for too long.

airport games to play witch children

Airport games to play with children

They’ve been fed and watered, but now looking for something else to do. Why not save the batteries on their devices for the flight, and keep the kids entertained by playing one of the following airport games?

I Spy

It’s a classic, but never goes out of fashion. Airports are great places to play this game as long as players can spell and can actually name the object/vehicle observed. If playing with younger children you should expect the answers to be a little abstract. For example, ‘L for lady with blue sandals’ and ‘S for sunburned man’.

Airport Alphabet

Similar to ‘I spy’, but this time players choose a letter. The winner is the player who can see the most items beginning with that letter.

Name the country

For older children and adult alike, check out the departure boards and try to name the countries where the destinations are located.  Great for jogging your memory of geography or planning your next holiday destination!

People Bingo

If you have pens and paper (or napkins will do), make some bingo cards that include some commonly seen items of clothing or luggage carried by your fellow passengers. These could include ‘sandals and socks’, ‘laptop bag’, ‘crutches’ or ‘silly hat’. Once you’ve decided your items, see who can spot all the items listed first to win the game.

In my bag

This memory game works well in small groups or families. The first player starts with the line ‘In my bag I’ve packed my…’ and adds an item. In turn, each player has to repeat the line, the item and add one of their own – the sillier on unrealistic the better. Each person is eliminated when they forget the list of items, and you’ll be glad they didn’t pack those things for real!

Still planning your trip and flying with children?

Do you have any games you play to keep occupied in the airport? Leave your ideas in the comment box below!

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