10 Curious Facts about Malaga Airport

Anybody who has passed recently through Malaga airport will have found a modern airport with a wide variety of shops, restaurants and services. In addition, the recent works have facilitated its access by road, without forgetting its commuter train station. But it was not always like that, here are some interesting facts about Malaga airport:

1. First Landing

 The first landing at Malaga airport took place by Pierre Latécoère in his Salmson 2A on March 9, 1919. At that time there was no airport, just a plot known as “El Rompedizo“.
Pierre Latecoere

2. First regular flights

It was inaugurated on 1 September 1919, it already has almost a century of history! The first regular services connected Malaga with Toulouse, Barcelona, Alicante, Tangier and Casablanca, promoted by Didier Daurat, a fighter pilot during the First World War.
Daurat Didier

3. Malaga airport in 1937

In 1937 Malaga airport was converted into an air base.
Malaga Airport Aerial Base

4. Open to National and international traffic

Soon after, in 1946, the airport is open to national and international traffic; not everyone knows that you can still visit the old terminal in the Malaga airport museum.
Malaga Airport (1946)

5. Times of changes

Until 1965 it was not officially designated as Malaga airport (until that time it was “El Rompedizo” or “García Morato“).
Malaga Airport Public Openning

6. Terminals

The 3 main terminals were built during its last 50 years of history. Currently it has 5 terminals: 3 for passengers, 1 for cargo and 1 for private flights.
Malaga Airport T3

7. Second runway

The second runway is from June 2012, which is more than 3 kilometres long. On it can land the world´s heaviest aircraft.
Malaga Airport New Runway

8. Alternate road access

Between 2013 and 2014 were opened new road accesses facilitating arrival and departure for car hire Malaga airport customers.
Malaga Airport South Access Road

9. Record of passengers

In 2019 it reached its record of passengers, with a total of 19,8 million of passengers, although very possibly it will establish a new record soon.
Malaga Airport Passenger Record

10. Deaths and plane crashes

To date, only two fatalities have been recorded, one on September 13, 1982 (50 deaths) and another on August 29, 2001 (4 deaths).
Malaga Airport 2001 Crash

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