Four out of ten Malaga airport passengers in October are British

On the same day that the World Travel Market (WTM) in London closed its gates, Malaga-Costa del Sol airport revealed the monthly statistics of its visiting passengers, in which it clearly shows the importance of British tourism in Malaga. Almost four out of ten passengers that passed through Malaga’s terminal last month, over 1.2 million, were from the UK, more than 36% to be precise.

It also confirms another one of the elements that was noticed at the fair, that the Costa is being affected more and more by the seasonality. Aena (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation) reveal that October marked a slowdown in the increase of passengers, with a slight decrease of 0.6%, until it reached 1.271.374 travellers and 9.940 operations, which meant 2.6% less than in October 2010.

International streak

Out of the total of travellers that used Malaga airport last month, 1.268.859 departed or arrived in commercial flights. Over 230.000 between Spanish cities, 3.7% less, and 1.036.202 in international flights, a 0.7% more.

In this sense, they stated that in order of countries it’s the United Kingdom, followed by the passengers between Spanish cities (18.37%) and, at a further distance, the users of flights to or from Germany, that represent the 9.5%.

Even with October’s slight step backwards, Malaga’s terminal closes the ten first months of the year with a 7.5% increase, which means a rapprochement to the twelve million passengers that closed 2010. According to Aena, until October, it registered 11.546.650. Out of these, 11.491.826 travelled in commercial flights: 2.288.537 between Spanish cities, a 5.5% more in comparison with the same period last year, and the 9.203.289 left over in international flights, an 8%. The majority of these 8.419.544 passengers travelled between cities of the European Union.

The runways of the terminal, that yesterday already displayed the name Malaga-Costa del Sol, reproduced this upward trend with 95.398 flights, a 2.9% more.

In this closure of a WTM, that has stated clear that British tourism will continue to lead the recovery of tourism on the Costa del Sol and Andalusia next year, the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) has designated Europe as the region of the world, together with Asia, that leads in traveller increases, with a six point increase over the first eight months.

This organisation warned yesterday that the tendency of these last years in which the emerging economies registered higher increases in tourism, being witnessed by the advanced countries, due to the specially good results in Europe. Not only that, they pointed out that in contrast with the growing economic uncertainty, the destinations of the European Union came out enormously favoured with that increase. Because of this, the UNWTO demanded the European governments to support the tourism and to consider that the sector can contribute to the economic recovery, due to its capacity of distributing wealth. “In spite of the current volatility, the international tourism is proving to be an important economic engine for many European economies, contributing with very necessary currencies and helping to reduce the pressure on its payments balance”, assured Taleb Rifai, the organisation’s general secretary of the ONU.