Helitt Airlines will be launching a new route in May between Malaga and Casablanca

Helitt Airlines announced last Thursday the beginning of a new route, as from the following month of May, that will be connecting Malaga and Casablanca (Morocco) twice a week: Fridays and Sundays.

Departure from Malaga airport is scheduled for 18:50 h. while the flight back from Casablanca will be leaving at 19:00 h. (local time in Morocco). The price will start at 66 euros per journey. This destination, the first international one, is added to the two national destinations that already operate from Malaga: Melilla and Madrid, as published by the airline in a press note.

This way, the airline also informed that they will be offering a passenger information and ticket sale office inside the Mohammed V International Airport in the Moroccan city. This means that Helitt will have their own offices in all the airports from which they operate: In Malaga, Melilla, San Sebastian, Madrid, Barcelona and Casablanca.

At the Malaga and Melilla airports, Helitt also deals with the Handling. For the rest of their operations, Iberia deals with it, they pointed out, and stated that at the airline’s base, at Malaga airport, they do all the necessary maintenance work on the three ATR72 airplanes with which they operate.

The company have highlighted that they have now created over a hundred jobs, and added that Helitt Airlines have set up an online check-in service for all their flights, saving time and avoiding long queues at the airports.