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Protecting your passengers when driving in Spain

As in the rest of Europe, in Spain we have some strict laws about carrying children in vehicles. The safety of younger passengers travelling in any of our rental cars is very important to us here at, even though as the driver of the vehicle, it will be your legal responsibility to ensure ALL […]

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Airport games to play to beat boredom

boredom busting airport games

The recent strike by French Air Traffic Control caused significant disruption to flights across Europe. A number of low cost carriers cancelled flights altogether, while passengers flying to and from Malaga airport faced substantial delays. Thankfully, industrial action on this scale is infrequent, but if you’re unlucky enough to be stuck in the airport with time to kill, what can you do to keep yourself (and younger passengers) entertained while you wait to board? Play airport games of course!

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Low cost flights to Malaga – are Ryanair the airline everyone loves to hate?

Low cost carrier Ryanair were recently voted Europe’s least popular short-haul airline by the readers of consumer publication ‘Which?’, despite recently taking measures by the firm to improve customer service and the overall public image of the company. Ryanair operates nearly 40 routes from Malaga airport, and is often credited with revolutionizing the travel industry […]

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