Malaga airport on the verge of 4 million passengers on low cost airlines

The low cost airlines transported 36.1 million passengers around the Spanish airports during 2011, 12.5% more than the previous year, in comparison to the traditional companies that transported 27.3 million travellers, only 7.7% more, according to the figures provided yesterday by the Tourism Studies Institute, a branch of the Industrial, Tourism and Trade Ministry. Malaga airport registered 3.9 million passengers and a 6.6% increase, and is ranked as the third airport in Spain with the highest number of these type of passengers, after Palma de Mallorca (6.1 million passengers, 11%) and Barcelona (5.3 million, 36.2%).

This way, the low cost companies took over more than half of air traffic until October, 56.9%, compared to the the traditional airlines that transported 43.1% of the travellers.

In order of markets, UK and Germany lead the arrivals in low cost companies, with 36.2% and 56.9% of the passengers that used this way of flying, respectively, with increases of 9.5% for the British market (13 million passengers) and of 5.3% for the German (7.1 million).

Italy, the third issuer, increased the arrivals by 15.2% with 3.8 million travellers. France follows with 1.9 million travellers, 26.8% more than in 2010.