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Airport restrictions, limits and regulations

When traveling outside the country you are allowed to bring back a certain amount of goods without paying import taxes, as long as they are for personal use or gifts and you bring them yourself. We are going to analyse the restrictions and limits on tobacco, alcohol, money and other products at Malaga airport and in the UK.

Please note that you are not allowed to sell anything you have bought on a duty free basis.

Airport customs

Limits and restrictions if you fly to the UK

It's time to come back from your holiday in Malaga and wonder about the amounts you can transport on the plane without problems. You are in luck, the UK has a soft policy for travellers arriving from within the European Union.

There are no limits for own consumer products or gifts that you intend to introduce in the country, as long as you do not exceed the figures we indicate and comply with these rules:

  • You must transport them yourself.
  • They are for personal use or gifts.
  • You have paid taxes in the country of origin.

You can be checked to determine whether you are carrying a prohibited or restricted item. In these cases you will be asked about items you bring, bills and your trip.

Below you will find information on the quantities you can transport if your flight arrives from, for example, Malaga, within the European Union.

Tobacco restrictions with arrivals from Spain

  • Cigarettes: 800 (4 cartons of tobacco) 21 to 24
  • Cigars: 200
  • Pure cigarettes: 400
  • Rolling tobacco: 1 kg.

Alcohol restrictions with arrivals from Spain

  • Beer: 110 litres
  • Wine: 90 liters
  • Spirits: 10 litres
  • Red wine: 20 litres

In the case of flights to the United Kingdom from a non-EU country, or from special destinations such as Gibraltar or the Canary Islands. The limits are more restrictive and apply the same as when you fly to Spain and are detailed below.

Official information: www.gov.uk/duty-free-goods

Limits and restrictions if you fly to Spain

Spain applies the same limits and restrictions to all flights regardless of their origin. If your luggage includes more than the amount indicated below, you will have to pay import duties, VAT and excise duties:

Tobacco restrictions and limits

  • Cigarettes: 200 (1 carton of tobacco)
  • Cigars: 50
  • Pure cigarettes: 100 (maximum 3 grams per unit)
  • Rolling tobacco: 250 gr.

Alcohol restrictions and limits

  • Beer: 16 litres
  • Wine: 4 liters
  • Alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content exceeding 22% vol: 1 litre
  • Alcoholic beverages under 22% vol: 2 litres

Please note that the information above is 100% of products you could bring to the airport without having to declare. You can combine it proportionally so as not to exceed the limits, for example 100 cigarettes and 25 cigars.

Official information: www.aena.es/en/passengers/restricted-regulated-products.html

Other restrictions and limits

If you travel to Spain there is a limit of 430€ on the products you have purchased before taking the flight. For children under 15 years of age the limit is 150 euros.

If you are transporting money to Spain you should know that the maximum limit is less than 10,000 euros, if you exceed this amount you must declare the full quantity.

If you are travelling to the UK from Spain you do not need to declare any goods or amount of money, only if you are arriving from outside the European Union, Northern Cyprus, Gibraltar or the Canary Islands.

Forbidden Products

In addition to tobacco and alcohol restrictions and limits, there are a number of items that are totally banned at airports and could have legal consequences:

  • Non-prescription drugs.
  • Weapons, ammunition and explosives.
  • Self defense sprays
  • Endangered animals or plants
  • Unwrought diamonds
  • Indecent or obscene materials.
  • Unlicensed firearms.
  • Objects that infringe intellectual property.
  • Cultural goods
  • Live animals or animal products (Pets can travel in the hold)
  • Non-EU foodstuffs

* This guide is valid as of February 16, 2018.