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Malaga airport is one of the main infraestructures which give strenght to the regional economy and a is a key element for the development of Andalusia. Particularly noteworthy are the effects over service sectors such as transport, trade, catering and business services.

Type: Civil and international airport
Identification: OACI:LEMG / IATA:AGP
Area: 385.000 m2
Comercial area: 18.000 m2
Operating hours: 24h.
Air traffic (aircraft): 103.539 (2009)
Passengers: 11.622.429 (2009)
Arrivals and departures: 3.404.942 (2009)
Airlines: 72 (2009)

The airport's runway measures 3.200 m in length and 45 m. in width. It has one parallel taxiway, 7 exit taxiways leading to the terminal area, and one taxiway leading to the military air base.

The aircraft parking areas allow the parking of 38 aircraft in A-1, 11 aircraft in A-2 and 38 in A-3.

South of the airport facilities, it has been built a new building for general aviation (private flights, air taxi, flight schools, etc..) with an area of 3,483 m2, divided into 3 levels and is equipped with a high degree of quality and comfort. This action, which has included the development of the building environment, responds to a high service demand at Malaga airport because of the large number of personalities who visit the Costa del Sol and use this type of air transport.

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