Duty Free Shops

Some tourists look cautiously at the duty free shops, they don't know if they will really find products at a good price or if those are a claim that will end up emptying their pockets a little more. Let's see below the whole truth about duty free shops and what you will find in them both at Malaga airport and in other countries.

Airport duty free shop

Difference between duty free and tax free

Duty is paid for imported goods and both in Malaga and Spain you must show the boarding pass before making your purchase. For it to be a duty free purchase your destination must be outside the European Union, this applies to purchases of cigarettes, tobacco and some drinks. Remember that there are limits for alcohol, tobacco and cash.

Tax free means that the purchase is tax-free (21% in Spain), a measure that applies to passengers flying outside the European Union, but that also applies to shops belonging to the World Duty Free chain for passengers flying within the EU. The products that usually receive this type of benefits are perfumes, cosmetics, handbags, watches and jewellery or even sunglasses.

For those with a non EU passport there is also the possibility of making purchases from shops outside the airport and receive a refund of part of the VAT. The store must provide with this option to the customer otherwise you will not be able to get the refund later. Request a form which needs to be filled and delivered at the airport before departure.

In which items do you save?

When you travel you realize how expensive everything is in the airports, a simple drink can make your pocket feel bad, so it's no wonder that tourists don't trust the word' duty free'. Let's see what products you will really notice a significant saving compared to buying it outside the airport:

Duty free shop at Malaga airport

Most of the duty free shops are located on the first floor, remember that you must be on the other side of the security checkpoint, have a boarding pass and your passport or identification to buy in these shops.

The Shop: Floor 1 Departures - Shopping mall at the airport on your right after passing the security checkpoint.
Opening hours from 4:30 am to 0:30 hours. Tuesdays from 4:30 amto 10:00 pm

The Express Shop: Floor 1 Departures - 4 duty free shops located near the boarding gates with the most popular products.
Opening hours: From 7:00 am to 10:00 pm

Arrivals Shop: Floor 0 Arrivals - Duty free shop for shopping after landing with tobacco, perfumery, food and accessories.
Opening hours: From 7 am to 10:00 pm Monday to Thursday - From 7 am to 12:30 pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

To find out in detail all the information you can visit our guide about Malaga airport shops and airport restrictions in Malaga and UK.

All duty free shops at Malaga airport belong to the World Duty Free group (

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