Malaga airport to Estepona

Estepona is one of the westernmost resorts of the Costa del Sol, situated 80 km from Malaga airport. Located only 40 km from the strait of Gibraltar, next to the Sierra Bermeja mountain range and with more than 20 kilometres of beaches, Estepona has yet maintained more than any other resort on the western Costa del Sol a certain charm of an andalusian fishing village. The construction has not been as massive as in other places and visitors can thus find many charming corners in the historic centre and plenty of nature in the municipality.

Estepona has as well given special attention to certain more quiet exclusivity. Thus can be found in Estepona a surprising number of five star hotels and first class golf courses for wealthy tourists who prefer a high standard holiday away from the bustling and glitzy neighbor Marbella.

From Malaga airport to Estepona

Public transportation in the western part of the Costa del Sol is unfortunately not very good. There are only four direct buses a day from Malaga airport to Estepona. Other possibilities include a shuttle bus to Marbella and from there a taxi or local bus, Shuttlebus or Malaga airport taxis to Marbella; the journey by public bus is very time consuming and stressful – not precisely the best for a relaxed start into the holiday.

We recommend to hire a car at Malaga airport in advance; so you reach Estepona in less than an hour on the highway A-7. It is a pleasant route that runs along the Malaga Mountains and the Mediterranean and where you can enjoy nice views.

Alternatively, you can also drive sections of the route along the national road N-340 along the most popular sea side resorts (which we discourage in high season due to strong traffic) or take the little-used Toll Highway.