Malaga airport to Nerja

Nerja is probably one of the most popular resorts on the eastern Costa del Sol, situated 68 kilometres from Malaga airport. The eastern Costa del Sol is much less developed for tourism and there are fewer hotel complexes and massive building.

This part of the Costa del Sol is different from its popular western part, with a much more mountainous landscape, as the foothills of the neighboring province of Granada and the Sierra Nevada are already very close. So the beaches are not as long and wide as in western Malaga, but you can find many small coves that have a peculiar charm. The sand is not as fine and often there are pebble beaches.

The advantage of this type of beaches is that they are less frequented by bathers, they are generally quiet (less tourism infrastructure), and especially the water quality is excellent. Although the Western Costa del Sol is constantly awarded with blue flags for the quality of their beaches, this is not necessarily true for the water quality (particularly in summer); in comparison, the water in Nerja and the Eastern Costa del Sol is crystal clear and ideal for practicing diving, where you can discover interesting underwater rock formations.

There are also interesting rock formations onshore, in the form of the famous caves of Nerja, with amazing caverns where are held concerts in the summertime. The caves are situated quite close to the city centre. The small town with about 20,000 inhabitants has preserved the charm of an Andalusian fishing village more than any other resort on the Costa del Sol, with white houses, narrow streets, inviting Plazas…

Nerja is a quiet place (except in high season) and an ideal holiday destination for travelers who prefer quiet and like to stroll along the bays. Very well known in Nerja is the famous lookout point over the Mediterranean “Balcon de Europa “. The hotel infrastructure in Nerja is very good, but not so massive and more integrated into the landscape.

During the summer months there is of course also an extensive entertainment program available with sports, leisure and nightlife, while for the remaining months it is however very quiet.

Malaga airport to Nerja
Coastal road route to Nerja

From Malaga airport to Nerja

The eastern Costa del Sol can only be reached by car or public bus; to present there are no train connections from Malaga. Who wants to go by public transport to Nerja, takes the suburban train from Malaga airport to Malaga city (Maria Zambrano Train Station); just opposite is situated the bus station, where leaves about every hour a bus to Nerja, which again takes about an hour.

Who understandably after traveling by plane has no desire to spend again several hours with suburban train, transfer and public bus, is definitely better off with Malaga car hire.

By car you reach Nerja comfortably in less than an hour on the Mediterranean highway E-15. Another possibility is the old national road N-340, which runs along the coast, with some great views. Who has more time in any case does see more on this route and the mileage is about the same, time is half an hour more.